Feeling the ground under your feet

A new shoe, which has a positive impact on your body and provides better health - ideal for nautical enthusiasts and boat owners

Among doctors, physiotherapists and athletes it is no secret: For feet, knees, hips or back, walking barefoot is the best. It has positive effects not only on the joints, but also avoids insomnia, headache and migraine. A shoe, which is like walking barefoot, but at the same time protecting the feet, is the trendy leguano shoe. And who cannot believe it, should come to the barefoot shop leguano Balear in Port d'Andratx, to try them on in a circuit of shards. The patented product was developed for five years in cooperation with the University of Hamburg. The EU norm of toys EN 71/9 certify, that the shoe don’t contain any pollutants and is also washable at 40 degrees. You are walking well protected onshore, but also in the water or on board of a yacht. As a boat shoe leguano is positively predestined. On the one hand it protects against sea urchins, or the insidious lesser weever fishes, with their unpleasant stings, on the other hand it is non-slip and doesn't leave any dirt or abrasion onboard, neither GRP flooring, teak or carpeting. "You can come from the street and go on board, and nothing sticks to the bottom of your feet" says Reinhold Rieke of First Yacht Balear, which acquired the distribution rights on the Balearic Islands and wants to open soon more franchised stores. There is also the possibility for clients, that customer consultants come on board, where the owner can test the shoe directly. The all-round-broker, owner of a nautical school with 35 years of experience and three toe fractures knows exactly why he goes nowhere barefoot on board. He tested the patent shoe during endless walks on the beach. It works even in mudflats and many golfers are convinced of the positive features of this shoe.

leguano, made in Germany, consists of a Lifolit-sole and quality Kunert-yarn. Fodder and insole contain antibacterial silver ions. The barefoot shoe is available in many bright colors, starting from 79€ (barefoot Premium or Ballerina), children variant "leguanito" from 49€.

The shoes can also be ordered by the internet shop - or directly delivered from the customer service representatives.